31 December 2009

Where Does All That CO2 Come From?

CO2 sources world-wide are plotted on Google Earth by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency's Emission Database for Global Research (EDGAR). "The shown grid size is a tenth of a geographical degree of latitude by the same extension in longitude, or simplified, a circa 10 km x 10 km square, roughly the size of central Paris." You can tease emissions out by sector, and have lots more fun seeing who is responsible for emissions where.

Black on the image indicates more than 250 Gg CO2 equivalent per grid square. Yellow along roads and sea-lanes is 2.5-5.0 Gg CO2 equiv. per grid square. (One Gg is one thousand tonnes.) If the square is black where your house is, you and your neighbors are putting out more than 250 tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution per square kilometer per year. Probably a lot more.

[Originally written by Doc for, and crossposted from the HaraBara blog]

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