17 September 2010

Green Business Blog Carnival No. 15

The Green Business Blog Carnival brings you the best of the blogs every week. Admission is free! Top posts from leading green blogs around the world.

So grab a corn dog or a deep-fried Twinkie® and check out the midway for thrilling rides, tests of strength and skill, and attractions for the whole family!

Check Planetsave to see last week's Carnival if you missed it. (There is a list here in the sidebar to the right with links to all of the past Carnivals.)

The Greatest Posts on Earth

What does "green building" mean in Haiti, where whole neighborhoods have been reduced to rubble? Thera Kalmijn begins to answer this question at Matter Network, in part 1 of a series of 3 posts about "Rebuilding a Sustainable Haiti: Best Green Building Practices in Developing Countries".

Raz at Eco-Libris posts an extensive interview with Greenpeace Senior Campaigner Rolf Skar, replying to Ian Lifshitz, Sustainability and Public Outreach Manager at Asia Pulp and Paper. More in the continuing APP saga.

Nick Aster at Triple Pundit asks "Are You Ready for Opportunity Green?" and "What conferences are you going to this year?" He says that with Opportunity Green, Net Impact, West Coast Green, and SoCap all on the radar it's hard to pick. Like the barker at our Carnival, he says, "Come Over to 3p and view our events sidebar for some of the best, including how to get useful discounts!" Come one, come all!

Kerry Given at Green Marketing TV posts about How Ceres Is Helping Businesses Go Green. Non-profit Ceres [not to be confused with Ceres, Inc.] has created several major programs for businesses and investors including the Ceres Roadmap to Sustainability, the Global Reporting Initiative, Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy, and the Investor Network on Climate Risk, each briefly profiled in this post.

Editor's Wild Card: Marc Gunther posts about the Progressive Automotive X Prize results. And the winner is . . . The Edison2 Very Light Car 98, a 4-seater that achieved the equivalent of 100.3 miles per gallon with a one-cylinder engine burning an E85 blend. The Edison2 team collected $5 million. Another $5 million was split by two specialty EV entries.

Editor's Super Bonus: Post from Jennifer Kaplan at Ecopreneurist looks at how California Chambers of Commerce Members Prove Energy Efficiency is Profitable. Small Business California has published a new booklet, "32 Examples of Chambers of Commerce & Chamber Members in California: Leading the Clean Energy Economy", which profiles local California chambers of commerce and their members who are demonstrating how recovering profits through energy efficiency can help strengthen the chamber, its business members and the community. Post links to the free booklet.

Here at Doc's Green Blog we analyzed a recent article in the journal Energy, "A global coal production forecast with multi-Hubbert cycle analysis". Translation: "Peak coal is here". Interesting implications for energy policy if it's true.

Our sister blog Daily Green Brief selects, links to and comments on top green news for business. Yesterday's post, for example, noted items on carbon trade barriers, the UK push toward adaptation, coal issues in India, China and at the World Bank, plus other news for and about sustainable businesses.

Thanks to all who submitted their favorite posts for this week's Carnival!

The Continuing Carnival

Green Business Bloggers take note! You can submit items for future editions of the Green Business Blog Carnival here. Why not publicize your blog, share your insights, and get some links and traffic?

See the schedule for upcoming hosts of the Carnival. If you would like to host an upcoming edition on your very own blog, this page also tells you how to volunteer. Thanks to Jeff McIntire-Strasburg at Sustainablog and the team at Triple Pundit for organizing the Carnival and managing the details.

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