15 October 2010

Green Business Blog Carnival #19

Another selection of the best of the green business blogs! They guess your weight and tell your fortune in carnival midway style.

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The Greatest Posts on Earth

  • Jaime Nack of Three Squares Inc. posts A Small Green Business Take on Prop 23 at TriplePundit. As a small business owner she sees how "Proposition 23 would undermine the laws that support the rapidly expanding green technology and business sector." Follow TriplePundit's ongoing series about California’s Proposition 23.
  • Dan Yurman posts about Spain's erratic energy policy at Idaho Samizdat: Nuke Notes. Once the darling of Europe for solar energy, the country now dithers over future choices without the capital to execute its plans.
  • Green Prophet notes Israeli Companies Make "Global Cleantech 100" Guardian List in a post by Karin Kloosterman. "It’s no secret that Israeli cleantech companies and their products are hot commodities. Now in: the Cleantech Group just announced their global list, the Global Cleantech 100 for the second year running, and it’s no surprise that Israeli companies earned 8 of the 100 spots. Five of the companies are listed as being based in Israel; two of them, though founded by Israelis are based in the United States." Karen has interviewed and written feature stories on all of them, except CellEra.
  • At CalFinder Jeanne posts a Quiz: 7 Signs Your Company is a Treehugger (Or Greenwashing Machine!) Is your office on the track to sustainability or is it a green mirage? A simple test to determine which direction your company is headed and how you can change the attitude around the water cooler.
  • Marta Iglesias posts on the CleanTechies blog: LG Electronics Unveils Plans to Enter US Solar Market. Korean giant "LG plans to capitalize on its existing footprint outside of the US, but it will have to battle hard with well-established American players like First Solar, a thin film leader in the US, or Sunpower, a US leader in monocrystalline, as well as big Chinese competitors such as Suntech or Trina Solar".
  • At Eco-Libris Raz Godelnik considers Saving trees or softer touch for the butt? It seems that this is the question consumers have to ask themselves if they're considering using toilet paper made of 100% recycled paper. "Right now, according to NRDC, just 10% of the paper products for home contain recycled content." [This Carnival post is almost entirely recycled content!--Ed.]
  • Editor's Choice--Doris de Guzman has a good post about Stonyfield Farm's adoption of bioplastic packaging at the ICIS Green Chemicals blog:  Stonyfield yogurt cups from PLA. In addition to her writeup there is video from Stonyfield and a link to its life cycle analysis of PLA cups vs. polystyrene ones. Doris consistently has interesting information in a blog well worth following. Polymers are in everybody's supply chain.
  • Here at Doc's Green Blog we analyzed Google's investments and projects in cleantech and green. What have they been up to? Where are they going? See if you can spot trends in the 26 items listed. Are they becoming more focused? "A company this creative, and with this much money, will keep trying new things."

Thanks to all who submitted their favorite posts for this week's Carnival!

The Traveling Carnival

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